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Bouchelle Island IV
444 Bouchelle Drive
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169
Phone: 386-441-0320

Bouchelle Island IV Condominium Association, Inc.

New Smyrna Beach – Bouchelle Island IV Condominium Association, Inc. located on the South Causeway on Highway 44. Bouchelle Island IV is a Community with 15 Units, this Building being on the Intracoastal Waterway provides daily opportunities to watch the passing boats. This 15 Unit Condominium Community Association is part of the Community Services Association on Bouchelle Island which is a Homeowner Association that presides over the 52 acres of grounds and common elements which include: dry storage area for approximately 67 boats with their trailers, 82 Wet Slips up to 36 feet in length and 7 feet deep, a Floating Dock, dry storage for Canoes, a 3000’ Boardwalk that many fish from, 2 Community Pools one of which is custom, large pool decks with each pool having an Outdoor Gas Grill, a spa located at the main pool, 2 Lighted Tennis Courts, Shuffleboard Courts, and a Clubhouse which includes an organized Library for Members. There is also an area where Members can wash their cars located near the second common element area. The Association also maintains an 18-hole Pitch and Putt Golf Course. Managed by Lisa Di Turi Dini of Intracoastal Bookkeeping & Management which is owned by Debbie Kreinest, Lcam. Owners and Guests are sure to enjoy this well maintained, relaxing water front Condominium Community Association.


Phone: 386-441-0320

444 Bouchelle Island Drive, New Smyrna Beach, FL, 32169, USA


Board Members

Joe Wegman (President )
Jack Lauramore (Secretary/Treasurer)
Robert Alley (Vice President)
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Hurricane Season.
Hurricane Preparedness - Helpful Information regarding Emergency or Storm Checklist , for Additional information please contact your local Emergency Management Office in your Region or County. 0 KB  5/29/2015 8/27/2018
Amendment 1995-01-17
Amendment to the Declaration of Condominium - Section 16.7 Leases - added 14 day minimum rental period. 11 KB  2/22/2009 9/18/2018
Articles of Incorporation 12-07-90 2012 08-27
Articles of Incorporation 304 KB  8/27/2012 10/13/2018
B4 FAQ Sheets 8-28-12
Frequently Asked Q&As 414 KB  8/28/2012 9/18/2018
By Laws
Association By Laws 91 KB  5/25/2009 8/27/2018
CSA Rules And Regs
Rules and Regulations for the Community Servivces Association (CSA). 299 KB  2/3/2009 8/27/2018
CSA Slip and Boat
Slip and Boat Storage Facilities Rules, Terms, and Conditions for the Community Servivces Association (CSA). 438 KB  2/3/2009 9/18/2018
Declaration of Condominium
Association Declaration of Condominium 229 KB  2/22/2009 10/13/2018
Fees - Bank Questionnaires and Estoppel Letters
This pamphlet explains the fees allowed by Florida Statutes for Bank and Mortgage Company Questionnaires ($150) and Estoppel Letters ($150) which is what QCM charges for preparing these documents. 108 KB  9/7/2010 8/27/2018
Governance Form [02-16-09]
Condominium Governance Form provided by Department of Business and Professional Regulation. 40 KB  2/21/2009 8/27/2018
Rules and Regulations
Association Rules and Regulations 19 KB  2/21/2009 9/11/2018
0 KB  12/21/2017 3/6/2018 This Document Requires a Password to View or Download
Flood Elevation Cert
Flood Elevation Cert 506 KB  10/2/2008 8/27/2018
0 KB  2/22/2018   This Document Requires a Password to View or Download
0 KB  12/6/2018   This Document Requires a Password to View or Download
0 KB  3/6/2018   This Document Requires a Password to View or Download
0 KB  4/11/2018 5/9/2018 This Document Requires a Password to View or Download
0 KB  6/11/2018   This Document Requires a Password to View or Download
0 KB  6/28/2018   This Document Requires a Password to View or Download
0 KB  8/7/2018   This Document Requires a Password to View or Download
0 KB  9/7/2018   This Document Requires a Password to View or Download
0 KB  10/9/2018   This Document Requires a Password to View or Download
0 KB  5/4/2018   This Document Requires a Password to View or Download
Alliance Association Bank ACH and Payment Options
Alliance Association Bank - ACH Automatic Withdrawal and Alternate pay Method Instructions 2015 and forward. 0 KB  2/26/2015 8/27/2018
B4 For Sale or Transfer 12-23-15
Document for sale or transfer of Unit at Association IV. 0 KB  12/23/2015 8/27/2018
BBT ACH Cancellation
CANCELLATION FORM --- Use this form if you wish to CANCEL your automatic payment to your Association’s BB&T account. 82 KB  12/24/2010 8/27/2018
Board Candidate Form
Notice of intent to be a candidate for the Board of Directors 11 KB  10/14/2008 8/27/2018
Candidate Certification Form
Form stating that a candidate for the board has read and understands to the best of his/her ability the governing documents. 10 KB  10/6/2008 8/27/2018
Certificate Of Appointment
Form to designate a single voter for a unit/property. 15 KB  10/14/2008 8/27/2018
E-Mail Opt in Sheet Bouchelle Island IV Condo
B4 Email Opt-In 48 KB  5/1/2013 8/27/2018
Lease-Rental Form
Association approved lease/rental form required for ALL leases and rentals. 28 KB  2/13/2009 8/27/2018
Work Order Form
Print this Work Order Form for any maintenance or repair work requested. The President of your Board of Directors must approve any work to be done to the building. Homeowners that would like personal repairs to their unit may use this form and QCM's Concierge Service will contact you directly to discuss the scope of work and cost. 36 KB  1/23/2010 8/27/2018
B4 Flood Declaration 8.6.2015 8.6.2016
Bouchelle Island IV Flood Insurance Declaration. Policy Date from August 17, 2015 - August 17, 2016 0 KB  8/11/2015 8/27/2018
Insurance Request Brown & Brown
Insurance Request Form to provide Information to your lender. 27 KB  8/29/2013 8/27/2018
Florida Building Code Commercial Mitigation Verification Affidavit 2,102 KB  4/9/2009 8/27/2018
0 KB  12/21/2017 3/6/2018 This Document Requires a Password to View or Download
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