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Bouchelle Island XII
436, 438 Bouchelle Drive
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169
Phone: 386-441-0320

Condo Management - Bouchelle Island XII located at 436 and 438 Bouchelle Drive in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  Association 12 is part of Intracoastal Bookkeeping & Management, Inc.  a property management company owned and operated by Debbie Kreinest, Bouchelle Island Association 12 is managed by  Lisa Di Turi-Dini, Lcam.  Association XII has 32 total units including the two top floor Penthouses overlooking Callista Creek with views of the North Causeway Bridge.  Bouchelle Island has several amenities for your lifestyle adventure including a Boating Marina, Tennis Courts, Boardwalk, Pitch & Putt Golf, two heated Pools, Clubhouse and many more amenities.  The open Ocean is a short boat ride from the Marina to Ponce Inlet.  Owners and Guests are sure to enjoy this Condominium Association.

Board Members

Lew Badura (President)
Ralph Searles (Vice President)
Elaine Deana (Secretary)
Patrick O'Leary (Treasurer)
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Amendment 16.7 Leases
Amendment to Declaration of Condominium regarding Section 16.7 Leases. Major change is the institution of 3 month minimum rental period. 9 KB  1/31/2009 11/5/2014
308 KB  8/29/2012 3/31/2014
CSA Rules And Regs
Rules and Regulations for the Community Servivces Association (CSA). 299 KB  2/3/2009 1/6/2015
CSA Slip and Boat
Slip and Boat Storage Facilities Rules, Terms, and Conditions for the Community Servivces Association (CSA). 438 KB  2/3/2009 1/19/2015
Declaration of Condominium
Declaration of Condominium 164 KB  4/15/2009 1/6/2015
Fees - Bank Questionnaires and Estoppel Letters
This pamphlet explains the fees allowed by Florida Statutes for Bank and Mortgage Company Questionnaires ($150) and Estoppel Letters ($150) which is what Intacoastal Bookkeeping & Management charges for preparing these documents. 108 KB  9/7/2010 8/22/2014
Governance Form [02-16-09]
Condominium Governance Form provided by Department of Business and Professional Regulation. 40 KB  2/21/2009 5/29/2014
QandA 2010-01-12
25 KB  1/31/2010 11/19/2014
Recorded By-Laws
Recorded By-Laws of the Association 1,190 KB  1/24/2009 11/19/2014
Rules and Regulations 2010-05-12
Association By Laws as amended May 12, 2010 32 KB  5/9/2009 11/11/2014
436 Flood Elevation Cert
Elevation certificate from Brown & Brown 147 KB  11/4/2008 1/21/2015
438 Flood Elevation Cert
Elevation certificate from Brown & Brown 148 KB  11/4/2008 1/21/2015
Flood Declarations
Flood Declaration Pages 93 KB  3/27/2009 8/11/2014
21 KB  10/13/2014 1/13/2015 This Document Requires a Password to View or Download
18 KB  11/12/2014   This Document Requires a Password to View or Download
0 KB  1/13/2015   This Document Requires a Password to View or Download
17 KB  5/7/2014 1/13/2015 This Document Requires a Password to View or Download
Application for sale
This form must be completed for any sale or transfer of ownership of a unit and approved by the board of directors. 87 KB  4/13/2011 11/6/2014
B-12 Lease-Rental Form
Please complete and return to Intracoastal Management for Board Approval 22 KB  11/27/2013 9/30/2014
BBT ACH Authorization
AUTHORIZATION FORM --- Use this form if you wish to pay your scheduled assessments by authorizing the Associationís BB&T account to automatically deduct the amount from your bank. 161 KB  12/24/2010 9/22/2014
BBT ACH Cancellation
CANCELLATION FORM --- Use this form if you wish to CANCEL your automatic payment to your Associationís BB&T account. 82 KB  12/24/2010 12/27/2014
Board Candidate Form
Notice of intent to be a candidate for the Board of Directors 11 KB  10/14/2008 12/14/2011
Candidate Certification Form
Form stating that a candidate for the board has read and understands to the best of his/her ability the governing documents. 10 KB  10/6/2008 1/21/2015
Certificate Of Appointment
Form to designate a single voter for a unit/property. 15 KB  10/14/2008 7/24/2014
E-Mail Opt in Sheet Bouchelle Island XII Condo
B12 Email Opt-In 48 KB  5/1/2013 11/19/2014
Use this convenient form to prepare your condo for extended absences of 3 or more days. These preventive measures should help avoid potential damage to your home and those of your neighbors, as well as protecting your maintenance fees from being increased by avoiding the cost of avoidable repairs. 11 KB  4/12/2011 11/6/2014
Work Order Form
Print this Work Order Form for any maintenance or repair work requested. The President of your Board of Directors must approve any work to be done to the building. Homeowners that would like personal repairs to their unit may use this form and QCM's Concierge Service will contact you directly to discuss the scope of work and cost. 36 KB  1/23/2010 11/6/2014
Firetronics 2010-07-09
201 KB  9/24/2010   This Document Requires a Password to View or Download
Certificate of Ins-Statewide-flood
Print a copy of this form to order a certificate of flood insurance for your mortgage company. It may be faxed or call in the information to 800-260-5252. 17 KB  6/28/2010 1/21/2015
A handy matrix from Brown & Brown Insurance identifying the responsible party for an insurance claim - the association or the homeowner - for FLOOD claims. 550 KB  3/1/2010 12/11/2014
A handy matrix from Brown & Brown Insurance identifying the responsible party for an insurance claim - the association or the homeowner - for HAZARD INSURANCE claims. 550 KB  3/1/2010 10/23/2014
Insurance Request Brown & Brown
Insurance Request Form to provide Information to your lender. 27 KB  8/29/2013 12/11/2014
Bldg 436 - Florida Building Code Commercial Mitigation Verification Affidavit 2,167 KB  4/9/2009 1/21/2015
Bldg 438 - Florida Building Code Commercial Mitigation Verification Affidavit 2,152 KB  4/9/2009 1/21/2015
B-12 03-06-12 Minutes 2012 04-12.
March 6, 2012 - Meeting Minutes 13 KB  4/12/2012 1/3/2015
Building EMTs Contract Form
246 KB  6/8/2010 11/19/2014
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